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On the grapevine

  • chilli sauce please
  • Chilli sauce and garlic mayo please
  • lettuce & mayo
  • onion tomato & mayo
  • with ketchup please
  • add SALAD please
  • no onions please
  • No salad please
  • Hi, could I please have the sauce separate to the kebab :)
  • Burger with mayo no salad, burger with garlic mayo no onions
  • just lettuce no onion
  • extra cheese
  • Onions mild chilli and mayo please
  • Salad no onions and sweetcorn relish please
  • salad but no onions
  • onions, mild chilli & mayo please
  • only onions on please
  • salad no onions please
  • Hot chilli sauce on 1 & garlic Mayo on the other
  • hi could i have extra cheese on the pizza please thank you
  • Pineapple only on one side of the pizza please.
  • may i have no onion please but plenty of mayo please thanks.
  • No salad just a bit of onion please and pineapple if possibl
  • 1 kebab plenty mayo no onion and salad no sauce on other thx
  • With mayonnaise and hot chilli sauce